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Lead18 AFRICA Recap

What an exciting time it is!
Because of your faithful prayers & financial support, we are touching church & business leaders around the world. You assisted us in LEAD18 Africa and because of your support, we touched hundreds of leaders & pastors from five different nations!

Many of them said their lives, churches and businesses were drastically improved. And we are still receiving reports about how our leadership training affected them in such a positive way. There is no way that JBWM could be doing what we are doing if it were not for your faithfulness and obedience in assisting us. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know this is exactly what I am called to do. I also want to give you another opportunity to touch more leaders.

We’re going back this year for LEAD19 Africa! You can be a part of growing leaders and changing lives forever through your giving today!

Thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support for LEAD19 Africa. You can give your tax-deductible donation online today! Just be sure to designate your gift for LEAD19 Africa by checking the box “this gift is for Lead19 Africa.”

You can help your community’s businesses, churches, and individuals grow with your support of our mission.

Unfortunately, not all organizations are able to bear the expense of facilitating an event that will allow them to reach their God-ordained potential. If you have been blessed financially, please consider contributing to our ministry. Your gift will help pastors, churches, leaders, and businesses reach their God-ordained potential.

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