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It’s one thing to be a manager or a doer, but it’s an entirely different thing to be a true leader.

Everything rises and falls on leadership but most pastors don’t know how to be a leader.

It’s easy to think good music and preaching will cause growth, in fact, that’s what Pastor Whitfield believed until he learned how to be an effective leader.

In the same way as churches rely on good music and preaching, most business leaders depend on their service or product to grow their business while not realizing that good leadership is critical to growth. You must have a good product or service, but the growth of your company truly depends on your ability to build functioning teams and leaders in your business.

Pastor Whitfield can help you build a team of leaders rather than doers.

As a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Pastor Whitfield can help you redefine your business, church, or organization and teach you how to break the mold and become a true leader.

Coaching & Leadership Training J.B. Whitfield Ministries John Maxwell Certified Member
He works in four areas with both pastors and business owners:

1) Organization

2) Culture

3) Strategy

4) Action

Here’s how JB Whitfield Ministries can help you and your company or church succeed:

Coaching Conference

This is a 2 day, informative and interactive conference held at your church or business. You will learn practical and demonstrative leadership from Pastor Whitfield using the John Maxwell Coaching Methods.

One-on-One Consulting

In this scenario, Pastor Whitfield will work one on one with the Senior Pastor or business leader(s) of your organization. During this consultation, he will help you reorganize and build teams of leaders. It is recommended that every ministry, business, and church should reorganize every 2 - 2 ½ years to keep fresh and relevant.


Pastor Whitfield is also available as a guest speaker for your church or ministry conference. He holds 35 years of experience sharing the gospel as a Senior Pastor at Agape Faith Church.



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